Professional Bio / "About Me"


Imagine you are stranded on an island, thousands of miles away from civilization.

Chances of rescue anytime soon are zero. You and three friends are the only survivors, and you haven't seen any other humans since you miraculously washed up on the beach six weeks ago.

As luck would have it, four barrels of food also survived and came ashore in a tangle of seaweed.

Joe, a former Marine, has taken charge of your little group. You were grateful, at first. But now the relentless heat, humidity and bird-size mosquitoes are taking a toll on him. He's been getting crazier every day, and now he's announced a strange edict: Each person must choose one of the barrels of food and eat only from that barrel. Absolutely no sharing with each other. You're stuck with your choice.

  • Barrel 1 contains canned tuna.
  • Barrel 2 contains canned fruit cocktail.
  • Barrel 3 contains canned barbecue beans.
  • Barrel 4 contains boxes of chocolate.

Which barrel would you choose?

I will tell you without hesitation that it's Barrel 4 all the way for me, for sure.

Sharing your love for a favorite food or other obsession is just one way to create a warm, memorable connection.

Stories help us to:

  • Connect with people
  • Connect with solutions or resources
  • Connect to insights
  • Connect with emotion
  • Connect to possibility
  • Connect to purpose
  • Connect to place
  • Connect hearts

And this, I believe, is the secret to crafting your bio. When writing about yourself, focus on creating connections. Create bridges, links or associations that mean something to your target audience.

Getting to Know You

Are you struggling with writing an effective, memorable bio or About Me page? I'd love to help. Be ready to tell me which barrel you would choose.