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Is what you do hard to explain? 

Are your products revolutionary, yet no one seems to "get" their application?

Do people seem to tune out when you talk about your business?

Q&A or interview-style articles allow you to explain abstract or unfamiliar concepts, share stories to illustrate what you do, show your personality — whatever is needed for your target audience to connect with you or with your product or service.

One of my clients is a Master Somatic Coach who specializes in somatic bodywork. Her work is amazing and magical. But because her field uses unfamiliar terms, it's hard for people to understand what she does and how somatic bodywork can help them.

So we decided to do an interview-style article to post on her Web site. Not only does the article provide real-world context, other somatic coaches say it's one of the best explanations they've read.

Make It As Easy as 1-2-3

Is your work, product or service hard to understand?

Do people get befuddled or bored when you talk about what you do, when you know it's the best thing since pita pockets?