My writing style is clear and personable. My goal is to convey the essence of a person or subject simply and memorably.

I've curated a few samples to give you a taste.

About / Bio

The About page is arguably one of the most important pages on a Web site. Visitors and prospective clients want to learn about your background and qualifications. Depending on your business or profession, they want to know your story.

Many of my clients are coaches. Because they are in the transformation business, prospective clients are interested in the coach's personal journey. Has the coach been in their shoes? What led them to become a coach?

I enjoy guiding my clients in sharing their journey. Of course, some things are private and cannot be told. It's not always easy to put your life out there for the whole world to see. I totally get that.

Here are examples of About pages that I helped to shape.



Madeline Wade is a deeply experienced Master Somatic Coach who believes to create change, your body must become an advocate.


Merle McKinley

Merle McKinley is a Master Certified Coach who assists clients in discovering a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction.


Leah Jorgenson

Leah Jorgenson is a Master Certified Life Coach who supports clients to open to new ways of thinking and untangling the challenges of overwhelm and emotion. 


As a ghostwriter and editor, I can't reveal exactly what I write. So for these samples, I spun a fun story to introduce the project and demonstrate my writing style.


All great speakers know that without good stories, their performance is dead. 

I love watching TED talks and hearing the presenters' stories. Do you give presentations at work or conferences? Are you an aspiring speaker? Are you preparing a TEDx Talk?

Here's my own backstory.


When Killer Bees (and Nerves) Attack! »


As a contributor to a newsletter published by the Society for Technical Communication San Diego chapter, I wrote profiles of chapter members. These were lighthearted and revealed interesting backstories — stories that broke the stereotyped images of tech writers.

Even today, when he is looking for employment, STC member Jeff Freeman includes a copy of his profile with his resume. To my delight, Jeff told me the profile helps him get job offers.

I wrote dozens of STC member profiles. When writing a profile, often a theme would emerge. If it didn't, I'd find a way to tie the loose threads together. Here are a couple more.

Although I enjoy using a lighthearted approach, I can just as easily employ a serious tone.

What are YOUR best stories?

Are you struggling with writing a memorable bio? Do you have a handle on your Signature stories? Can you easily explain what you do? If not, I'd love to help.