The Stories We Co-Create


Storytelling for business is hot. Why? John Quincy Adams may have said it best: He who tells the best story wins.

Hundreds of books, workshops and programs are available that teach how to tell compelling stories. You can learn the secrets to writing an epic adventure or the hero's journey — a perfect fit for the modern entrepreneur, scrappy startup and anyone with a mission.

It sounds intimidating, doesn't it? But you don't need to learn all the tricks of the trade to tell a great story. Humans are hardwired for story. It's how our brains work.

Journalists, who are professional storytellers, have known all along what sells. Now that story is all the rage, businesses are hiring these writers to do their magic.

Humans are innately curious. We seek meaning and connection. We value truth, goodness and beauty (Plato is my homey). We want to solve the problems and challenges that keep us from having, doing or being what we want or need. Stories naturally revolve around these elements. Some are problem-solution oriented; others are inspirational or aspirational. As today's challenges seem more urgent than ever, there's a growing movement of visionary storytelling.

My role as a business storyteller is to help you write or talk about your work, mission, product or service so that you and your clients can thrive. And we make the world a better place.

Which stories do you want to tell?


Your signature stories tell your Why, How and What. These help you connect with your target audience. I call the trio, Your Tres Amigos. These stories often reveal the hidden treasures, the overlooked gems that are at the heart of your success. Things you might not think are relevant.

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Q & A

These interview-style articles are perfect for showing your personality, sharing brief stories, simplifying concepts, or explaining difficult subjects.

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Never again be at a loss for words! Use for bios, LinkedIn profile, a Web site About page... wherever you want to be effectively and tastefully presented in your best light.

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Are you ready to tell your best stories?

I enjoy working with people who are making the world a better place. You don't have to be saving the world, just doing good in your neck of the woods.