Signature Stories

Your Tres Amigos


Y ou have backstories that can powerfully work to attract, connect with and influence your ideal clients. I call these signature stories, Your Tres Amigos — your three best friends that help you open hearts and doors.

These stories tell the why, how and what of your business.

My Tres Amigos service helps you to discover and articulate these stories. Use your signature stories in articles, bios, brochures, presentations and speeches to increase visibility, boost reputation, foster credibility.

Let these friends pave the way to new connections and new business!

Amigo 1 Why



Why does your business exist?

Why is it your purpose, cause or mission?
Why does it drive or motivate you?

The people you want to connect with need to know this.

Amigo 2 How



How did you get from A to Z?

What were the twists and turns?
What challenges did you face?

Show people that you've been in their shoes,
or can empathize with their needs or challenges.

Help them see themselves in your story —
and imagine a happy ending.

Amigo 3 What



What problems do you solve?

What are the results?

Tell your success stories.

Focus on the benefits or results your clients
receive from working with you.

Who Are Your Tres Amigos?

Your signature stories will help you stand out, get noticed and invite potential clients to connect with you. They move the right people to take action.

Do you know your signature stories — your Best Amigos that can open hearts and doors? Can you articulate them well? If not, no problemo! I can help.